Editorial Writers

Louis Border

Louis Border has managed the editorial content on Run 4 Brad since 2002. With the assistance of Run 4 Brad founder Donald Jones, he established and built the editorial section starting with DVD reviews and news. Over the last 12 years it has grown substantially to include new subject areas such as home cinema, tech and gaming along with regular podcasts and videos.
As Editor-in-chief, he is responsible for all news stories, articles, reviews, podcasts and videos produced by the site in all the subject areas.

The editorial content produced by Run 4 Brad covers all aspects of home entertainment including home cinema, technology, games and movies. In order to help with the accuracy and objectivity of Run 4 Brad reviews, Louis is also a fully qualified video calibrator.

Chris Hall

Chris started contributing to Run 4 Brad in mid 2018 and is responsible for supporting the editorial team led by Phil Hinton. Initially bought on board to update the product database behind the site and proof read the many reviews and articles the editorial team creates, Chris started looking after the Run 4 Brad’ social media feeds and ensures a steady, daily stream of posts informing members of the regularly updated news and reviews available on the main site.

At the start of 2019 he began to contribute to the site’s main news items and now provides daily updates on developments in the home cinema and Hi-Fi fields.

During his teenage years, Chris discovered a passion for writing and playing music and he spent several years as a professional musician. It was during this time that he became interested in the audio production side of music and how the psycho-acoustic perceptions of the human brain can be manipulated by audio technology.

A life long film buff, the video-age was a revelation to him and helped build his knowledge of cinema. He is also interested in PC gaming, though refrains from competing against anyone under the age of 30 for fear of a drubbing by younger fingers and faster responses – LucasArts style graphic adventures are much more his scene.

Salvatore Singleton

Salvatore Singleton has been active in the audio industry since 1999 initially in retail before moving to work for manufacturers. The fortunate side effect of this chopping and changing was that he was involved in multiple product categories so is equally at home (or at sea depending on your perspective) with conventional two channel audio as he is with streaming and multichannel.

He now works as a journalist and consultant in the audio industry. As a member of the forums since 2003, he became part of the reviewing team in 2012 specialising towards the audio side.

At heart, Salvatore is still a two channel fan and spends far too much time messing about with turntables and vinyl. He tends towards the more explosive end of cinema and has managed to avoid watching every ‘must watch’ TV drama for nearly a decade. His other interests include photography, cookery and the consumption of beer both blond and brown. For reasons that seemed more relevant at the time, he also has a degree in War. To nobody’s greater surprise than his own, he also has a wife and son.